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A feature-packed ERP to help transform your business from sustainable to profitable. Don't believe us? Check out the best of what WizApp has to offer!

WizApp is an acronym for Wizard Application and has a market presence of two decades. The software has always been evolving to keep pace with the changing times and to integrate the latest technologies. Users can start using it on a perpetual license model or on SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) basis. It's a comprehensive and scalable manufacturing to retailing software solution with built in BI Tool and integrated customer loyalty program to drive up sales and profit. No software is worth it without an after sale support system. WizApp is backed up by a very strong and state-of-the-art after-sale support in which users need not call to take support; just raise the ticket and get instant support. WizApp is usable by retailers, distributors, manufacturers in all the major verticals be it Fashion, Footwear, FMCG, Pharmaceutical or any other lifestyle in EBO (Exclusive Brand Outlets) or MBO (Multi Brand Outlets) mode. Major payment gateways like Paytm, Pine Labs, Innoviti etc. are integrated for error free, seamless and automated payments from the retail customers.