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Softinfo is a software development company based in India. With over 2 decades of experience, Softinfo has been providing ERP software and services to retailers and businessmen alike. Read our story to know more about us below.

Yet once again, I had been waiting for the cashier to write down the details of the shirt I was purchasing. The whole ordeal took several minutes, and I looked every bit as drained as the others standing in queue. I remember it was that exact moment when this idea lit up inside my head—what if we could automate a lot of this process?

India had recently seen the emergence of computers, capable machines that could automate a lot of such manual tasks. In that moment, looking around at the tired cashier and tired customers, a passion ignited within me to bring customers and retailers closer than ever. The idea of WizApp was born, and I soon founded Softinfo Systems to recognize that vision.

Once I started to involve myself in the world of retail businesses, I learned of problems that plagued all businessmen. Slow and manual billing, cash and stock shrinkage, lack of analytical reports, difficult managing of multiple stores. Instead of dealing with all these problems, owners should be spending time expanding their business. I wished to provide solutions for all of them. Piece by piece, WizApp became a one-stop shop for everything a retail businessman could hope for. I and my team went above and beyond to make it something accessible to every single businessman wishing to use ERP software.

Over 600 clients share that vision today by being part of the Softinfo family. That vision now includes incorporating emerging technologies, developing an ecosystem through mobile apps, and targeting multiple industries, all of which will change the face of businesses in India.

Sanjiv Bhatia